Relaxing Treatment.

Insomnia, pains, headaches, muscular and articular contractions, an irritated colon…everything that upsets a quiet life is often nothing more than a psychosomatic reaction, or a physical reaction to intense stress.

The relaxing massage is an ancient practice that dates back to 2700 BC. Traces can be found in China and India. It has direct and indirect benefits on health. It is recommended to combat stress, but it does much more than that.

Parts of the body tend to vent fatigue and emotions through sickness. Having identified the affected area, the relaxing massage works on the specific area of the body, while leading to spiritual well being. This is why each massage is sewn and made to measure for the individual receiving it. Treatment gives the necessary attention to the areas that need distension or relaxation.

The relaxing massage extend to the skin by removing dead cells and increasing its radiance.

Massage rehydrates the skin and can, in the long run, visibly rejuvenate skin and slow ageing.

The relaxing massage starts…even before it begins. It should be performed in a relaxing location, free from noise and distractions so the patient can focus on the massage.

Price: € 95,00                                                   Duration: 75’minutes

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Trattamento del mal di schiena

Back-Pain treatment.

After evaluating the symptoms, I start a course of targeted treatment, selecting the most suitable therapy for each case. I look at the cause to treat the consequences faster.

I use massage, exercise and manipulation which immediately improve the sense of well-being, even in the case of vertebrae conditions highlighted by x-rays or scans, such as disc protrusion, herniated disc, vertebral arthritis and spondylolisthesis.

In particular, I perform a lumbar de-contracting massage to treat back pain. It should be used to treat tension in the lower back. It treats areas most affected by pain and acts on connected areas.

Price: € 85,00                          Duration: 60’minutes

Reduction of cellulite treatment.

The most demanded treatment.

For many years I’ve dedicated myself to the research and cure of skin blemishes through physio-aesthetics.

Physio-easthetics is a branch of physiotherapy which aims to treat and cure aesthetic pathologies through the use of innovative sanitary devices.

The treatment that I carry out is a mixture of manual therapy, cupping-therapy, kinesiology taping preceded by subjective assessments.

This combination aims to prevent, reduce and defeat skin blemishes that ruin your mood and alter your perception of wellness.

Price: € 90,00                          Duration: 70’minutes

La cellulite: cos'è e quali tipi ci sono.
massaggio attivante

Detox Lymphatic Treatment.

I perform a series of movements to stimulate the drainage of fluidsthrough the lymphatic vessels; in other words, I manually move the stagnant fluids to the so-called lymph-node stations (armpits, groin and base of the neck), with delicate and precise spiral-shaped movements.

Price: € 65,00                          Duration: 60’minutes

Sports Massage.

The sports massage is like a tailor-made suit: de-contracting and relaxing if the muscles need to be prepared for physical exertion, draining if it is required to detoxify the body after exertion to  eliminate the accumulation of liquids and lactic acid.

The area of the body is chosen according to the sport that will be practiced, usually the one most subject to stress.

Price: € 65,00                          Duration: 60’minutes

Massaggio Sportivo Milano

Abdominal reduction treatment.

Having a flat stomach is the desire of many people that often suffer from abdominal swelling and got rolls of fat.

This treatment is ideal for combating fat deposits below the tissues, the formation of gas and water retention. It in fact helps to drain, lose weight and slim by soft strokes techniques and cupping-therapy.

Price: € 65,00                          Duration: 60’minutes

Postural Gymnastics.

When out of balance, you inevitably show symptoms such as muscle tension, stiffness, pain, difficulty moving and joint blockages.

When the body sends these signals, it’s probably time to start reviewing your posture.

Price: € 55,00                          Duration: 50’minutes

Ginnastica Posturale Milano
PhysioCalmness – Trattamento fisioterapico contro lo stress e il burnout psico-fisico Milano

Treatment of cervical and muscle-tension disorders.

 The first step is to identify the origin of discomfort. In the first session, I diagnose the patient, then prescribe suitable treatment. I am happy to explain the seemingly harmless positions or habits that damage the neck.

The therapy I use for the cervical area includes massages, exercises, manipulation, or a combination of the above. The clinical picture dictates the course of treatment, even though some stimulations are more effective than others.

Price: € 70,00                          Duration: 60’minutes

Gentle Gymnastics.

I always recommend gentle gymnastics for anyone who doesn’t practice sport regularly, but seeks well-being. Physical activity that tones the muscles, improves blood circulation, strengthens bones and joint and clears the head, without excessive exertion and impact on the body and joints.

It is also ideal for anyone who wants to restart exercising after a long inactive or sedentary period. If you want to keep fit, irrespective of your age, or if you have an orthopaedic problem preventing you practising other sports, Gentle Gymnastics is the ideal solution.

Price: € 55,00                          Duration: 50’minutes

Ginnastica Dolce Milano
Face lifting a Palermo

Manual face lifting (with Sisley Paris products).

In the early stage I prepare the skin of the face for the facial treatment with the Sisley Lyslait Cleansing Milk, which deep cleanse gently and removes make-up and impurity.

In the second stage of the treatment I apply la Crème Gommante that prepares your skin to receive the next products.

In the next step, whit some target techniques, I work on the strenghtening of facial muscles giving a pleasing and delineated effect, allowing the elimination or dimming of most wrinkles. This result is given by the skin slackening and the drainage of tonic.

Once the physio-aesthetic treatment comes to an end I apply the Sisley toner and la Crème Réparatrice, which helps to correct the visibile damages caused by external aggression.

The application of the cream enriched with shea butter, which calming and relaxing properties, and the Manual Facing Lifting contributes to repair, give relief and hydrate the skin.

A real SOS treatment.

Price: € 75,00                          Duration: 60’minuti